Mono Cartons

Laminated Cartons

Lamination is the most traditional and preferred process of printing and packaging in India market, especially in the Pharmaceutical sector and Food & Beverages sector. We supply different types of Laminated Cartons including Holographic, PVC, Golden, Silver, Matt, etc

Drip off

Drip off Cartons

Drip off effect or printing is the most recent and visually stunning effect of printing and packaging work in the Indian market mainly used by the Cosmetic Industry. Now it has been widely accepted in Pharmaceuticals and other industries, too.

UV cartons

UV Cartons

UV effect came into use in the printing and packaging industry as a plastic film carton box alternative after the ban on plastic films in western and other countries. Due to its glossy effect and shining layer, it’s in huge demand in recent years.


Varnished Cartons

Varnish effect is a water-based effect that adds to the beauty and strength of the carton due to its vivid, luxurious, and smooth finish. It gives an ultimate professional look to your brand which in great demand.


Metallic / Silver Met Pet Cartons

Metallic Cartons or Silver Met Pet as it is better known, are printed on Silver Laminated Paper, and its distinguished silver shining looks make it all appealing and enhance the look of the product.


Window Patching / Window Cartons

Window Cartons have an opening, covered with transparent plastic film, to display the product inside. It is mainly used in the Cosmetic Industry and FMCG products.

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